1. Christ-Centered: Our church centers everything on Christ as the King of the Kingdom. Recognizing His sovereign rule and reign, we joyfully submit to His authority and seek to advance His Kingdom here on Earth. With a deep commitment to biblical teachings, we honor His lordship in all aspects of life, worship, and ministry, seeking to glorify Him above all else as we eagerly anticipate the fulfillment of His Kingdom.

2. Disciple-Making: We are dedicated to making disciples who passionately follow Christ, understanding that as citizens of His Kingdom, we are called to live out His teachings in every sphere of life. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we equip and encourage one another to grow in faith, knowledge, and love, as we walk together on the path of transformation and spiritual maturity, seeking to be faithful ambassadors of the Kingdom in all we do.

3. Community-Focus: Our heart is for the Kingdom of Christ, and we strive to love and serve others as Christ loved us. With compassion and grace, we engage in meaningful relationships, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment where people from all walks of life find belonging, healing, and hope. As a united family, we actively seek opportunities to positively impact the lives of those around us through acts of kindness, mercy, and the sharing of the Gospel message, all with the overarching aim of advancing God’s Kingdom and bringing glory to His name.